I believe a family dog member completes a home. There are many wonderful breeds, and I have breed Standard Poodles and trained them in agility...but, I was looking for the crown jewel. The Doodles were everything that I was looking for: smart, standard size, athletic and loving. 

​All puppies come with a genetic health guarantee. However, I have done my part by testing to rule-out specific genetic (inherited) diseases, but there is no guarantee...a recessive could have been hiding at the chromosomal party. So, your part is to take your new guy or gal to the Vet within 48 hours (yes, you will have to make an appointment before pick-up) or 72 hours, if traveling more than 6 hours to your destination. 

What my guarantee covers: any congenital anomalies that were playing hide-n-seek (not visible birth-to-new home) but, caused an organ to fail; a genetic disease (that decided to partner-up and become dominate) that was NOT "disclosed" to me by a prior breeder; a "poor" OFA hip & elbow report with hip-dysplasia tested before 25 months old. *besides the OFA report, any genetic mutation expressed MUST have two Vet's opinions with xrays & blood-work.

What my guarantee does NOT cover: parvo (48 hours after leaving my sanitized puppy room), distemper, rabies, worms, coronavirus, a retained testicle (unless we have agreed to full registration rights because neutering will remove it), ear infections, cancer, double teeth, cross & under & over-bite

missing teeth, coat color & style, weight, height, nose or eye color fading, tail length, aggression, chewing, swallowing objects, barking, nipping, excessive

licking, potty training issues, food allergies, bloat, separation anxiety (some dogs take awhile), hepatitis, diabetes due to poor diet; sudden death without a postmortem necropsy report by a Vet...hmmm, I think that sums it up!

Any of the "covered" medical conditions expressed, you will refunded the full price paid (I am not covering your vaccines, food costs, misc) towards health care. 

Please contact me for the puppy process and potential ownership agreement; upon acceptance, you can proceed with securing your new family member through Paypal.  *Parti & Ticking have a different prices. Your puppy will have vaccines at 6 & 9 weeks, De-Worming at 5 & 7 & 9 etc weeks and a microchip goes home with you. * please see below

* I request in the event, you need to surrender your puppy/dog, that you contact me for guardianship placement. I can not return your full price paid, however, I will gladly send to you any re-home fee received from a new family.  

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