Upcoming Litter

Born: April 13th 2015
Weight: 70 lbs 
Height: Standard size

Type: Golden Doodle F1b

Coat: Black and white parti,

          carries parti gene (red 

          and chocolate

Litters: Potential Fall 2018

Bitch: Skylar

Stud: Dexter

Expected Coats: Black, Apricot, White,  

                            Brown and Variations of

                            Black, White, and

                            Brown partis 

Expected Deliver Date: October 9th,


Type: Golden Doodle F2

Born: December 25th, 2013
Weight: 75 lbs
Height : Standard size
Type: Golden Doodle F1b
Coat: Black coat with blue skin, carries

          phantom gene(born black will turn


Litters: Spring 2016 (10 Puppies),

             Potential Fall 2018

  Meet Piper

Meet Dexter

Born: June 13th, 2013
Weight: 80lbs 
Height: Standard size
Type: Labradoodle F1
Coat: Black, carries brown

          and cream

Litters: ​Spring 2016

            (10 Puppies)

Meet Skylar