There are many good breeders...but a small circle of Doodle breeders. Doodles are a newer hybrid of canines, which many genetic diseases have not be fully documented; to minimize the recessive and dominate diseases, when available breeders need to run tests based on looking at the lineage of the parent's tests and their breed standards. This is expensive.

Many inheritable diseases are recessive and require two copies (both parents) to "express" an illness and one copy to be a "carrier" but not effected, and a few diseases are dominate. Thus, responsible breeders research their breeding stock to rule-out (testing) which diseases are either recessive or dominate in each parent's lineage, recording an outline of genetic health.

I am not a geneticist or veterinarian...more like a geeky enthusiast, that enjoys a good Punnett Square equation! Previously, I have bred AKC Standard Poodles according to the Poodle Club of America breed standards. 

Forward 15 years, I am using the same care and integrity with my beautiful Doodles.

*this is an example of the tests run on our breeding dogs;  more test results available per request​

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