My love of breeding began in 2003 with Standard Poodles. I genetically test my breeding dogs with VetGen and Embark and follow the AKC purebred rules and standards, and the OFA required tests for the CHIC. My Doodle dogs can not be AKC registered as a purebred, however they are tested with the same ethically breeding standards.

Training is a huge piece in my breeding program, as I continue to work my dogs with a certified K-9 trainer. 

Leslie– My oldest has been assisting in the caregiver and training from litters from my previous bitches. She is so loving and patient with every animal.

Natalia – My youngest will be attending school for veterinarian medicine, was my partner in breeding, birthing, and the care giver Piper's Spring 2016 litter.

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Mastery in breeding takes time and education and an understanding the genetics before matching a sire and dame; the goal is to rule-out weaker traits or gene carriers to provide healthy offspring.

I provide a 25 month health guarantee, which allows a puppy to physically mature to be cleared of hidden recessive genes that didn’t show up on the genetic tests or OFA testing. 

I wait to breed a female over 2 years old and after testing, thus she may be 2 ½ or close to 3 years old for her 1st litter, then she waits a full year to be bred again. Sometimes, my female may have one litter and retired or two litters and retired, which she will enjoy all the cuddles and love in our home.

Excellence and reputation take time to develop, I am confident you will love your Doodle baby and have many years of kisses & cuddles.


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