Doodles come in many sizes, colors and coat texture; basically, more poodle in the mix, less shedding. Puppy coat has two "molting like" phases and drop their coat: first about 4 months and second about 11-12 months when the adult coat comes through. I shave my Doodles down just before 12 months old and allow their adult coat to fully come's a surprise each time!

I keep my dogs short during the summer, due to our daily water activities to help minimize ear infections and "paw yeast" discoloration. Dexter & Skylar stay in a puppy cut with natural ear leathers and tail; I groom Piper with dreadlocks from the top of her head, down onto her chest and across her shoulders, then I shave her sides and legs giving her a soft mohawk down the center of her back with natural ear leathers and husband prefers her to have a "Wolf-style" haircut. 

Many owners chose to keep their Doodle's coat in a 4"-5" shag, which gives their Doodle a "teddy-bear look." All though this gorgeous, if your dog swims the coat will mat and mildew, which can be painful when removed.

*Puppies must be picked-up by June 1st. Please bring or mail a baby blanket or soft towel, we do scent imprinting and is EXTREMELY important when your baby goes to your family home; this provides all the comforting smells of their bed/play area, mom, brothers, sisters and current humans. Each puppy is wrapped and face caressed in his/her special baby-blanket, PLUS gets a plush toy and acceptable hard chew toy. These are kept in extra large ziplock bags with their name, like preschool!

Double doodles & Goldendoodles

​​We are family dogs....WE are soooo spoiled!!

GOLDENDO​ODLES F3:Skylar & Dexter - Spring 2018 a planned litter of puppies; will be parti & parti factored & abstract & solid, which are the lowest shedding generation and great for allergies and asthma.

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Multi-gen Goldendoodles & Golden-Labradoodles & DoubleDoodles

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Multigen-Doodles, Golden-Doodles and Labra-Doodles