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Meet Skylar

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Her dogs and puppies are from my lineage!

Piper "Big Momma" is a cool, calm , and collected labradoodle F1 with a thick, yet hypoallergenic, black coat with chocolate hues. She could play fetch all day. Even though she loves to play, she is the protector of the family. 

Meet skylar

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Dexter is the sweetest and most loving golden doodle F1b with a coat of luscious phantom curls. He is the stud for all of our females. His laid back personality makes his offspring great for familes.

Skylar is our spunky black and white parti golden doodle F1b. She loves to play (well annoy) with the other dogs, but will never pass on a belly rub opportunity. Her next potential litter is October 9th, 2018.